Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tip for Cleaning Silver

I'm sure you have a piece or pieces of silver in your closet. A great find from a yard sale, a gift from a great aunt or an inheritance. It doesn't get used because it is so much trouble to clean. I have found a tip for keeping your silver and silver plate clean. First tip - use it. Second tip is an easy alternative. Use heavy duty Aluminum Foil and line your sink with it. Put in silver. Add 1 cup of Tide powder (not liquid) and HOT, HOT, HOT water (I use boiling water). Pour water over silver and Tide and let it sit until the water is cold. Wash silver and you're ready to use it.

You will notice that there is a chain on the sheet and it cleaned beautifully. The pendant was not put into the very hot water, but soaked a few minutes after the water cooled. Didn't want to break the stone or loosen the stone. Be very careful with jewelry pieces that have insets.

My cleaned silver.

Say tuned for the launching of the yard sale. Shhh ... there will be a few items added on the 3rd to check how everything is working. I love early birds at yard sales.

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  1. A lovely red background but cleaning silver is too much of a chore!

  2. Nice entry and nice tips as well.

    Passing by with my ruby tuesday entry. :)

  3. I love yard sale. And to find a silver ware is fun enough. ^_^

    Red bud

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips!

    My Ruby Tuesday, please come and see.